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A Modern Automotive Franchise System

Ultragloss took a proven mobile system and modernized it to meet the demand within the fast-paced automotive franchise industry.  Ultragloss utilizes innovative industry technology to better assist franchisees with their business developments through a two-part training program to prepare franchisees for the journey ahead as a automotive franchise owner.  Once training is complete, the support doesn’t stop there.  Ultragloss prides itself on offering superior franchisee support and cares about the success of their franchisees.

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The Ultragloss Automotive Franchise system is unique because it offers franchisees a chance to train from the comfort of their own home before arrival at the Ultragloss America headquarters for the hands-on training.  This same system  also allows for continued education and training to keep franchisees up to date on policies and procedures.  When headquarters finds new innovative processes to improve quality and performance–it is immediately passed on to the franchisee.  Each franchisee has a unique login to what is called Ultragloss University via an online Learning Management System.

The 12-day Boot Camp style training Ultragloss offers franchisees prepares them for their journey ahead.  An Ultragloss Automotive Appearance Specialist will help franchisees learn the trade and work with each franchisee on the sales process.  The technology Ultragloss utilizes assists franchisees on the road so they continue to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.  Learn more about Ultragloss’s Training.

Once training is complete, an Ultragloss Automotive Appearance Specialist will travel with the franchisee to their location and help them solicit accounts.  Ultragloss’s experience has taught them that just about anybody can perform repairs.  They have franchisees and subcontractors from diverse backgrounds including meat cutters, graphic artists, auto assembly workers, veterans, and more.  The most challenging part for many is the sales process.

What sets Ultragloss apart from the competition is their persistence, attention to detail, and genuine compassion for delivering quality repairs and customer service to their dealership clients.  They train their franchisees on every aspect of their business and are there to support them and help them grow.

Franchise: Ultragloss Family - Support Included

The Ultragloss Automotive Appearance Specialists

Ultragloss has over 20-years in the automotive appearance industry.  They have been working with dealerships: helping them manage their inventory.  Dealerships take the time to manicure their lawns, wash their windows, and to change their signs.  Just like their facility, their inventory has to be just as aesthetically appealing.  The first thing a customer notices about a vehicle is its outward appearance.

Since Ultragloss is able to offer their clients affordable repairs, their clients are able to increase their profit margins by getting the most value out of their used inventory.  Interested in becoming a part of the Ultragloss team?  Fill their information request form or call 1-330-252-9011.