Used car dealerships are in need of mobile paint repair franchises because they need to keep their costs low.  The Ultragloss franchise is based on a traditional mobile franchise, but it has been significantly modernized to meet the demand of a fast-paced, in-demand industry.  Our technological advancements, image, and superior products and service give us an edge over our competition.

While there is a demand for our services, we also geniunely love what we do.  We love cars, trucks… Vehicles.  We enjoy customizing our own vehicles and showing them off at events: Check out the 2013 Goodguys Show by clicking here.  Making money by making cars look better: we love it!  Would you?  If so, keep reading…

Chevy Nova

Award Winning Ultragloss Chevy Nova, learn more here.


Our franchise is designed to get you up and moving quick, with support that is unmatched by our competition.  From the moment you start our three-part training program, you’ll be ready to start your day-to-day operations.  Hover over the “About” tab in the navigation menu to learn more about our services and training.  Or you can request more information and speak with an Ultragloss Franchise Specialist.