Unlike other mobile paint repair franchises, the services we offer our clients focus on the entire vehicle, not just spot parts. Our attention to detail sets us apart from the competition and our efficiency pleases all we work with. The way we service the lot is efficient and affordable to our clients.  Even though we specialize in paint repair, we have an amazing product line that allows us to work our way around the vehicle saving you time, which increases your profit margin and the number of services you can offer to your customers (which in our case, has lead to more clients).

Emblem Repair

Greg Todd (OH) repairing an emblem on a dealership lot during training

Services the Ultragloss Automotive Franchise Offers
Ultragloss has mastered the art of bumper repair, scratch removal, plastic parts finishing, road rash repair and several other auto appearance services that correct the cosmetic imperfections that typically hinder the sale of a vehicle.

Ultragloss provides a much needed service to dealerships without the overhead required for this line of work.  We don’t handle the work of a typical body shop.  Body shops specialize in mechanical repairs, insurance and warranty work.  Dealers don’t pay Ultragloss an hourly rate, specialists are paid by job.  Ultragloss focuses on cosmetic repairs and not collision work.  Thus, this paint repair franchise is greatly needed in areas with used car dealerships.

Ultragloss Automotive Appearance Specialists work closely with the car dealerships to ensure the dealer’s vehicle inventory is looking it’s best.  Our lot management techniques have proved to be very effective in moving used car inventory off a dealer’s lot in a timely manner.  Ultragloss Specialists build a relationship with dealership management and effectively become part of the team.  With the skills that are learned through the Ultragloss training program, each specialist will discover what it takes to properly assess a dealerships inventory and work with the client to ensure satisfaction- so that both bottom lines are met.

Customer service and quality work are two things that the Appearance Specialist takes pride in.  Ultragloss focuses on the entire vehicle appearance, where the competition focus is merely on repair site only.  This is what sets us apart…Competition Makes Us Look Good!