Our start-up support team ensures you are following the proper procedures to start your business.  You will complete a three-phase training: online from home, on-site, and at your location.

Online Training
There are enough apprehensions associated with opening your business and we want to help you feel confident. One way we approach this is by training you online before you arrive at Boot Camp. Our online training system is filled with instructional videos, tests, and presentations.

Diagram of a Car

Our LMS is in an interactive system that will teach you more about cars and the services we perform on them.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) doesn’t close to franchisees once they complete training. It remains open so anyone can go back at any time to refresh themselves. We also utilize this system to update new processes and offer franchisees a chance to teach themselves our new innovative techniques and test them out in the field without having to travel to our location.

Boot-Camp Base Training
Our training is designed to prepare franchisees for the field. The training is not for the weak, it is an intense 12-day boot camp geared towards perfecting craftsmanship, hence our slogan: Creating Craftsmen For Life! You will get a paint gun in your hand the first day: everything is hands-on.

You will have experience working on dealership cars and on their lots at our corporate headquarters in Akron, Ohio. You will ride alongside with our Automotive Appearance Specialists and work on the lots in all conditions to better prepare you for your arrival home and help you feel more confident in your abilities. you will talk to lot managers and get a feel for how to conduct business on the lot.


Ultragloss instructors will show you the ins and outs of automotive repair

You’re also going to learn how to work on the lot. We take pride in our quality work and performance on the lot. Automotive Appearance Specialists are professionals that analyze every aspect of their business. We’ve spent years on the lot and carefully recorded what works and what doesn’t. We want to share every detail with out franchisees to enhance their business and their self.

Onsite Training
Ultragloss understands the nervousness associated with starting a business. Starting up a new client base may be challenging and we want our franchisees to feel more confident. One of our lot management specialists will join you on location for a few days to help you solicit some new accounts.

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