Franchise Analysis

Ultragloss is committed to building a successful franchise organization. We believe that our success is contingent upon the success of our franchisees. This is why we offer a franchise analysis before we begin the mutual qualification process.  Once we have your location information (or the location you wish to start business in) we thoroughly examine the dealerships in that area to see if an Ultragloss franchise would be a sound option for you.  Click here to get the Franchise Analysis started.

We have over 400 years of combined experience. We understand how dealerships operate and we understand what it takes to make it in this industry. Our franchise opportunity is based on a proven system and years of hard work. We have made mistakes along the way and in order to ensure your area is appropriate for our line of work, we’ll perform a franchise analysis for  you.

Dealership lot

Client Lot located in Akron, Ohio

“This is pretty cool..

So, I was talking with one of my brother-in-laws…he’s in the car business.

I asked him if ever heard of Ultragloss. Well.

he goes on to tell me that they freaking rock! They do an amazing job at the store that he’s a GSM at, and that was before I told him that they just signed on as a franchise marketing client of mine.

I’m impressed.” -Joel Libava, The Franchise King.

Clean Vehicles Keep Them Happy – How Ultragloss Services their Dealership Clients.