New UG Paint Franchise Launching Soon

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New UG Paint Franchise Launching Soon

New Automotive Paint Franchise Launching in the Cleveland Area This March

Javier Castillo joined the Ultragloss Team Thursday January 17, 2013 and is expected to enter training sometime next month.  He will launch his new Ultragloss Automotive Paint Franchise this March in the Cleveland area.

Javier’s friend, Tony Lopane is also an Ultragloss franchisee.  What do these two have common?  They both used to work for Ford Motor Company.  Ford is closing down their company here in Ohio and have offered workers two options: relocation or a buyout.

“At Ford I was getting paid by the hour no matter how much I did, I was paid my wage.  I’m a motivated individual and now I can use that motivation in my own business,” Javier continues, “and I have the freedom to do more and control my schedule.  And I have the support to do this.  My friend does this and I’m confident that I have the right people behind me.”

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Javier Castillo after his wedding on the beach on August 10, 2012.

When we asked Javier what interested him in the Ultragloss Automotive Paint Franchise he said, “the whole aspect of the business.  I’ve always liked cars and I’ve always tried to keep my vehicles in a nice pristine shape.  So to make money by making them [vehicles] look good is a win-win.  Also, not to be cliché, but you guys: the friendly staff.”

Javier will be working outdoors and more in control of his hours.  Overall he is very excited about launching his own automotive paint franchise and is excited about this venture.

“Javier is highly motivated.  When I met him for the first time, I could tell he was cut out for this.  He has an interest in automobiles, he’s sharp, and he’s got great people skills.  I’m really excited to have him on our team,” Ultragloss founder, Steve Marble said, “and he has some great recommendations from one of our own, so we’re really comfortable moving forward.”

Ultragloss is excited about Javier joining the team this year and are looking forward to his grand opening.

For those interested in an automotive paint franchise, see if Ultragloss is right for you: Request More Information.

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