Buying a Franchise

Should you be buying a franchise?

In order to decide if buying a franchise is right for you, Ultragloss recommends talking to the experts.  A franchise consultant is an excellent source to help you match up to the opportunity that’s right for you.  After all, if you’re buying a franchise, you’ll want to make sure it’s something you see yourself doing years from now.

Where do I find a franchise consultant?

The Franchise King, Joel Libava, is an excellent choice for all things related to franchising.  He wrote the book, Become a Franchise Owner.  This book is a guide for buying a franchise.  He also has an “almost weekly” newsletter and regularly blogs about what’s going on in the franchise industry.

Is buying an Ultragloss franchise right for me?

Ultragloss’s Automotive Appearance Specialists have ventured into the automotive industry from a variety of different backgrounds.  Some of our techs were graphic artists, meat cutters, military veterans, auto mechanics, auto workers, and more.  Really, we find that most skills are easily transferred to our line of work.

Most people who choose to buy an Ultragloss franchise see the vision and the income potential.  This is a recession proof franchise because used cars are in-demand.  Dealerships rely on our affordable services.

Ultragloss encourages growth.  Think big!  Franchisees have the opportunity to add additional units to their business to create multiple revenue streams.

Buying a franchise is a big commitment.

Franchising is a realistic option for a lot of people.  Most people who opt to go into business for themselves by buying a franchise typically like the security associated with the continual support of their franchisor.

When you’re researching your franchise options, you want to be sure your franchisor is going to provide you with the kind of support you want.  It’s important to thoroughly research the franchisor.  Are their franchisees typically happy?  Do they have a lot of extra fees associated with their support?

Ultragloss offers their franchisees ongoing support.

Not only does Ultragloss go out to franchisee’s location for 3-5 days, they offer their franchisees ongoing phone support.  They will come out to an area if a franchisee is having trouble at any point in time.

Ultragloss Family - Support Included

The Ultragloss Automotive Appearance Specialists

Protected Territory is another benefit associated with buying a franchise.

Ultragloss offeres their franchisees account protection.  When they perform an area analysis for their franchisees, they also create a call list of dealerships for their franchisees.  These dealerships are the franchisee’s territory and feature a minimum of 50 cars per lot.

Due to the nature of this business, Ultragloss does not provide a franchisee with an entire area because depending on the area, one van or truck could not cover all the accounts.  To learn more about territory protection, request more information about the Ultragloss franchise.