First Day Out & Franchisee Performs First Solo Repair for Dealership

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First Day Out & Franchisee Performs First Solo Repair for Dealership

(Northfield, Ohio) Javier Castillo completed The Ultragloss Boot Camp last Friday. After finalizing some of his new business arrangements he went out to solicit some dealerships. His first day on the road he performed his first solo repair:

Cracked Bumper Repair

After: Repaired the cracked bumper without costly replacement

“Javier is ace,” said Ultragloss founder Steve Marble, “the hardest part of this job is getting out and soliciting the dealerships to get the work and he’s doing a great job getting in there and talking to the right people.”

Javier did not have any prior automotive paint or sales experience.  With the support of Ultragloss and the confidence gained during his training, he knows how to get in there and perform a quality repair.  Ultragloss style repairs add value to the dealership’s inventory and can typically be completed faster than the dealer’s existing body shop– and at a fraction of the cost.

Like a lot of Ultragloss franchisees and franchise prospects, Javier was worried about dealerships with existing body shops.  Sometimes dealerships think that they make the most money by using their body shops for all their repair needs.  This is not the case.  Body shops typically specialize in large-scale jobs: insurance jobs, mechanical work, etc.  Ultragloss specializes in small-scale jobs that focus specifically on the appearance.

Ultragloss Automotive Appearance Specialists are trained to inspect the whole vehicle for cosmetic damages.  They perform the work same-day so that vehicle is ready to go back out on the lot and sell. In this way our dealerships let their body shops focus on their specialty (where they make the most money) and they use Ultragloss to save money on repairs while increasing profits on their used inventory.

Ultragloss specialists help dealers managed their used inventory.  In this way, the Ultragloss business model is easily implemented into dealerships and that makes the sales process easier for the techs.  Still, the sales is typically the most difficult part of the job.

Despite new business jitters, Javier has learned a lot through the Ultragloss training program to help him solicit accounts and perform quality repairs.  He also has the added benefit of soliciting accounts with founder, Steve Marble.  Steve has over 20-years experience working with dealers.  All of our franchisees go out with Steve for 3-5 days at no additional cost.  The first few days Javier wanted to test things out for himself and he has been excelling in the field (did you get a good look at the repair above?).

Josh Javier Steve

Josh Chancey (General Manager), Javier Castillo (Franchisee), and Steve Marble (Founder)

If you’re like Javier and ready to go into business for yourself, consider an Ultragloss franchise.  As a newer franchisor, Ultragloss’s success greatly depends on the success of their franchisees.  They designed their training program to reflect the successful brand and image they have built in Northeast Ohio and intend to carry across the nation.  Want to learn more about this franchise opportunity and all the support features?  Request more information here or call 1-330-252-9011.


Javier with his new truck and trailer all lettered and ready to go- Ultragloss Boot Camp Certificate of Completion in hand

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