Mobile Franchise Business Model in an In-Demand Industry

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Mobile Franchise Business Model in an In-Demand Industry

Cars are not going anywhere.  Automotive dealership franchises are quite costly (but they can make money).  How do automotive dealerships make good money?  By offering their customer competitive rates.  There is not a whole lot of “wiggle room” on a new car: but used cars (and used car dealerships) can be highly profitable.  Why?  There’s a chance to expand the profit margin.  What do dealerships need in order to increase their profit margins?  A quality used car with little investment.

Used car prices have been on the rise, a great deal due to the recession.  There has been a decrease in the number of new cars made (especially in 2009-2011).  According to the National Automotive Dealers Association (2012), the decline in luxury cars produced in this period has lead to a rise in their used value.  Luxury used car prices have increased by as much as 9% over the past year.  There is anticipation that the values for used car will decline, but NADA analyst reports pricing will: “remain at historically high levels through the end of the year”.

How does Ultragloss fit into this picture?  Ultragloss is a mobile franchise that services automotive dealerships.  We offer them a low-cost service that improves the appearance of the vehicles on their lot which raises the value (and the price) of the vehicle.  It’s really quite simple and it doesn’t matter where used car values are.  Either way, we save our clients money by performing repairs that help them increase their profit margins.

Even though automotive dealerships have service departments, these departments are costly overhead for the dealers and their workers are mostly mechanics or they have specialty performing large-scale jobs.  Ultragloss specializes in automotive appearance: those scratches, scrapes, scuffs, road rash, and key marks that typically hinder the sale of a vehicle (or lower its overall value).

Before- Cracking near the wheel well, with additional scratches and scuffs.

After, without adding a new bumper, Ultragloss is able to put the bumper back together saving the client time and money.

Bottom line: if you are looking for an affordable mobile franchise that’s virtually recession proof, Ultragloss is right for you.

Ultragloss has completely analyze the business model to sculpt it into something even more efficient to meet increased demand for our services from used automotive dealerships.  We train our franchisees how to do every aspect of the business and we offer comprehensive one-on-one support.  Our look sets us apart from our competition.  And last, but not least: our customer service is impecable.

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